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El libro de un jinete...
... para los jinetes


340 pages - 25 €




With Steph Teeter's cartoons





In his foreword, Jack Begaud writes: "The worldwide enthusiasm for this “close to nature” equestrian sport was in need of this recognition work from a European rider". He adds: "this book is a real reference manual where all riders or just fans will find the information they are looking for".

This reference book  is organised in 27 chapters to present all aspects of endurance riding.  "Endurance, A French perspective" is aimed at riders and endurance's fans. It explains in a non-scientific manner everything that a rider needs to know about the horse, its training and campaigning, the problems that can arise.

The author looks at all stages in the career of an endurance horse, always from the rider's point of view. Leonard offers advice on how to select, then educate and train an endurance horse from the very basic exercices to the high-level conditioning techniques. He discusses all subjects on a practical way, without any fuss.  As the author is European, aspects like riding on asphalt or crewing during a race for example, are largely discussed.

France is one of the most prominent player in the sport and is given a preferential treatment. Liesens pulls all together all elements making what he calls the "French System" : the breeding, the young horses classes, the competition circuit, the policies.

Pierre Arnould, Belgian Chef d'Equipe, writes this on the back cover: "Leonard wrote his book like he rides and campaigns his horses: in a direct and effective style".


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Some testimonials :

Carri D. "Great book"

Fiona G. " great book keep going back to it"

Sylvie R. " excellent livre !!! certains devraient s'y plonger un peu avant la saison prochaine"

Katrin L. "the best book I ever read about endurance!"

Vasco A. " all riders and endurance friends should read it"

Sev.A. " Merci pour tous ces précieux renseignements regroupés en un livre simple à lire et très complet, ce n'est pas mon seul livre sur l'endurance mais c'est le seul que je ne range jamais, il me suit partout!"

Claire D. "Ma fille connait les répliques de ces films favoris par cœur et bien moi je connais ton livre par cœur..."

Isa G. " and that i greatly enjoyed your book on endurance!"

Reg H. " Et ravie de votre livre que j'ai dévoré en 3 soirées"

Bruno M. " J'ai dévoré votre livre avec un immense plaisir. Merci d'avoir couché par écrit tous ces conseils et connaissances."

Sean A. " content and pace are all good too, each topic is dealt with snappily without the usual laboured introduction. It is obvious the information presented comes not only from experience, but also a no non-sense approach."

Sara L. " Me and my friend have now read you fantastic book, and we found it very informative, modern and interesting!!!"

Suza V. " Thank you for the books, your photo with Orfeo on the last page of your book is amazing ! And also book, of course! You are really good photographer, your pictures are really very nice"

Denise M. " I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your is full of valuable information and I am very happy to refer to it for the many questions I had about endurance!"





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