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Style 'Endurance Cuir' at 130 euros
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Style 'Saumur Cuir' at 120 euros
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Intercuir is a family-operated small enterprise. The chaps are only handcrafted according to the measurements of the customer. The chaps are hand-made when the measurement sheet has been forwarded (please follow this link for the measurement sheet).

All colors and combinations of colors are possible. Please look at the various photos displayed to get an idea. It is also possible to add letters or flag or any icon...

Three models/styles are available :

- the model 'Endurance Cuir' priced at 130 euros

- the model 'Saumur Cuir' priced at 120 euros

- the model 'Saumur Net' priced at 70 euros

Colors, wording, additional icon are possible. To be defined with the manufacturer.

Nothing is better than a direct contact with the company who will help you :

INTERCUIR - email - tel +33 6 78 15 00 21


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